A megatrailer, also known as a mega truck trailer, is a type of semi-trailer used in road transport. What sets it apart from regular trailers is its larger interior which allows for the transportation of higher cargo and provides more capacity in cubic meters. Megatrailers usually have an internal height of about 3 metres or more, compared to normal trailers with an internal height of about 2,75 metres.

Megatrailers are used in road transport for various purposes:

  • Load Volume: The extra height on megatrailers makes them suitable for transporting large volumes of cargo, such as light but large goods, furniture, electronics and other goods that require more vertical space instead of weight capacity.
  • Efficiency: Megatrailers are designed to maximize load capacity while meeting weight limits, which can lead to more efficient and economical transportation of goods.
  • Energy Efficiency: Their design can also contribute to better energy efficiency compared to smaller, heavier trailers when carrying light cargo.
  • International Transport: In some areas, megatrailers are used for international transport as they offer an advantage in terms of cargo volume and capacity, helping to reduce the number of trucks required for cross-border shipments.

Megatrailers are common on motorways in different parts of the world, especially in Europe. They are an integral part of the logistics and transport industry, allowing businesses to move a wider range of goods efficiently and economically. However, it is important to note that the use of megatrailers may be subject to regulations and restrictions, depending on the country or region, to ensure safety and compliance with road transport standards.

Mega trailer: sizes and dimensions

Tare weight7,200 kg
Payload capacity32,800 kg
Cubic capacity100 m3
Length internal13.62 m
Width2.48 m
Height2.94 m
Door opening width2.45 m
Door opening height2.90 m
Side opening height2.87 m