At Medaport, forwarding is the cornerstone of our services. We serve as the vital link between businesses seeking efficient transportation solutions and the top carriers within our network. We provide reliable and comprehensive forwarding services that facilitate the seamless movement of your goods on a global scale.

Our services encompass the entire spectrum of forwarding, from finding the right carrier for your cargo to monitoring and ensuring the safety of the transport. Our successful forwarding contributes to the smooth flow of your goods and saves time and resources for your business.

With years of experience in the industry, Medaport emerges as the premier brokerage firm, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Our ability to identify the best transportation options contributes to the growth and success of businesses that entrust us with their services.

As freight brokers we offer :

Access to a Wide Range Network: We have extensive carrier networks, including both large and small carriers. We have a wide range of large carriers, including large and large networks of large carriers, including many large carriers, including many large carriers, including large and small carriers.

Saving time and resources: we take care of the negotiations, freeing you to focus on your core activities.

Economic Efficiency: As intermediaries we can negotiate competitive prices with carriers due to our volume of work and our market connections. This leads to savings for your shipments.

Risk management: we can help reduce risks by ensuring that carriers have the necessary insurance and regulatory compliance. We also help manage claims in the event of loss or damage.

Flexibility and Scalability: We adapt our services to changing shipper needs and can scale our services according to demand.

Technology and Tracking: we use advanced transport management systems (TMS) and tracking technology (GPS Trucking), providing real-time visibility of shipments, improving efficiency.

Variety of Transfer Options: We arrange a variety of transportation methods, including FTL and LTL cargo.

Single Point of Contact: Working with us means one point of contact for all transport-related questions and issues, simplifying communication and coordination.

Compliance with the Regulations: We have in-depth knowledge of the requirements of regulations, including customs documentation for international shipments. We help ensure that shipments comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Cost transparency: As freight brokers we provide transparency in pricing and cost analysis, helping to understand their transport costs.

Effective Problem Resolution: If any issues or delays arise during transit, we have the experience and resources to deal with them and resolve them efficiently.

Information on the Market: We stay abreast of market trends and market conditions. We can provide valuable advice and suggestions for optimising road transport operations.

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