A “curtainsider” is a type of trailer used in road transport. It is characterized by flexible side panels made of fabric or durable plastic material that can be pushed back to reveal the load on the sides of the trailer. These panels are mounted on a fixed frame, allowing them to be easily opened or closed.

These trailers are commonly used in road transport for a variety of reasons:

 Flexibility: The curtain is very flexible and can carry a wide range of load types, including palletised goods, machinery, equipment and non-uniform objects. The ability to open the sides makes loading and unloading easier, especially when using forklifts or cranes.

  • Fast loading and unloading: The open sides of the curtain allow for faster and more efficient loading and unloading, reducing turnaround times for deliveries and pickups.
  • Less loading and unloading and faster loading and unloading for fewer deliveries and shorter delivery times: Although they do not protect cargo from the weather like fully enclosed trailers( Box ), the curtain provides some protection from rain, etc., making them suitable for transporting goods that can withstand limited exposure to the weather.
  • Accessibility: The design of the curtain makes it ideal for deliveries to locations with limited space or narrow access points, as it offers greater flexibility in how the load is loaded and unloaded.
  • Security: the curtain can be equipped with security features such as locks and seals to protect the cargo from theft.

This type of trolley is used for regional and long-term deliveries, as well as for distribution and supply chain operations. They are particularly popular in Europe, but can be found in different parts of the world due to their versatility and efficiency in handling different types of cargo.

Curtain side trailer: sizes and dimensions

Tare weight7,200 kg
Payload capacity32,800 kg
Cubic capacity91 m3
Length internal13.62 m
Width2.48 m
Height2.70 m
Door opening width2.45 m
Door opening height2.67 m
Side opening height2.65 m

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