A “boxtrailer” in road transport refers to a type of trailer that has a rectangular shape. This type of trailer is typically used for transporting high-value cargo or clothing because they offer a secure and enclosed space to protect the cargo from external hazards, theft and damage during transport.
They have been manufactured in various sizes and configurations to accommodate many types and quantities of cargo. They can be attached to many types of trucks or units, creating various combinations for road transport, including a single trailer, depending on the specific regulations and requirements of the region or country where they are used.
The design of these trailers allows efficient loading and unloading of cargo and facilitates the stacking and organisation of goods.

Box trailer: sizes and dimensions

Tare weight8,600 kg
Payload capacity31,400 kg
Cubic capacity90 m3
Length internal13.62 m
Width2.46 m
Height2.70 m
Door opening width2.46 m
Door opening height2.70 m
Side opening height