Are you a carrier? Are you looking for a professional partnership? Then become a partner of Medaport. Moving for Medaport means that you have a reliable and stable partner in a long-term relationship. We offer safe and stable job opportunities for carriers. In addition, we provide freight from all over Greece to northern and southern Italy, with daily exports and imports.

At Medaport, we have been serving the trucking industry since 2004, and many of the largest carriers trust our experience. We provide thousands of loads annually to carriers throughout the country.

Browse the various offers we have for you and discover the long-term partnership for the whole network in Italy. This partnership can save your business a lot of time and effort, as most of the work has already been done for you.

Benefits of becoming a Medaport carrier:

  • Low commission cost 1,0% – 2,8%

  • High quality service & support

  • Finding well-paid FTL – LTL loads

  • Constant communication

  • Access to our network of partners

  • Possibility of advance payments for owners

  • Immediate payment upon receipt of the invoice and submission of the required documentation